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Power management problem when playing Witcher 3?

Question asked by axl on Dec 20, 2015

Hi all,


When playing Witcher 3 the screen freezes from time to time, no matter the resolution you use, low such as VGA or high you have same problem.

I've noticed the fan gets to maximum speed when this happens.

In fact, Witcher game does run perfect at the beginning, first minute or so, very smooth, no issues at all until the fan starts to increase the speed and screen freezes constantly.

When this happens, screens freezes every few seconds, causing is not possible to play the game :-(

It's something particular with this game only, with other games at 1080p it's not a problem at all, all run smooth except this one.


I've tried without any luck:

1.- Following this tips to create a new profile for witcher:

Optimizing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Performance on AMD Radeon™ Graphics


2.- Use Overdrive. However it does not seems a performance issue, but a power management with Radeon Crimson drivers.


3.- Reduce game graphic settings to minimum, problem happens exactly the same at same point.


4.- Update drivers to 15.11.1, since I saw a power management problem there fixed. No improvement.


5.- Opened the PC case for better ventilation, but don't think it's a cooling problem neither.


I'm using a Shappire Radeon 7870 and Windows 7 64 bits along with latest Crimson drivers.


I'd really appreciate a hint.


Thanks in advance