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Trouble updating lastest release of Radeon Crimson 15.12

Question asked by thewillofblade on Dec 20, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by kingfish

My computer has an APU Radeon HD 7660D and when I enter on the AMD Gaming Evolved software it shows that there is a new avaible update of Radeon Crimson Software Edition (15.12), I installed from the official page the new Radeon Software with the AMD Chipset Drivers but when I restart my computer it still shows in the AMD Gaming Evolved that the new update is avaiable (like it wouldn't be installed or something).


I already tryed to uninstall the previous one and install the new one but the result is the same, AMD Gaming Evolved still shows that I can update it.


Is strange because when I enter on the AMD Radeon Settings in the section "Updates" as you can see there is installed the same version announced on the page of the new update:



However, in the section "System" of AMD Radeon Settings it shows I still have installed the old version of Radeon Software 12.11.1 instead of the new one (15.12).


¿How can I fix this? ¿Is just a mistake of AMD or I don't really have the new version installed? Thanks.