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    Why does a browser based simple fps-game lag, while a large game (like AC) does not with the same specs?


      Hello all,


      I'm new to this forum with a pretty new laptop with Amd CPU & GPU. So this is my first post..


      As being a rule of the forum, let me give the specs of my laptop;


      Asus X550ZE-DM159T

      CPU: AMD A10-7400P (2,5 Ghz - max. 3,5 Ghz)

      GPU: Dual GPU's;     Integrated GPU = AMD Radeon R6

                                        Dedicated GPU = AMD Radeon R5 M230

      RAM: 12 GB
      GPU RAM : 2048 MB

      WIndows version: 10


      So, my problem is as following;


      Playing high-end 3D games like Assassin's Creed Rogue, on low-med settings though, there are no problems in terms of lag. While on the other hand, a simple first person shooter game (browser based, it's named Nplay Begone), on the lowest settings lags really really much and I get max. 30 frames per second and mostly 15-20. So my question is, how is this possible? What can I do to make the browser game run as fast and laggless as AC Rogue?


      I've also attached a screenshot of the AMD Radeon Settings (which was named before Catalyst Control Center) with the specs as it states.


      I hope someone can help me..


      Much thanks in advance,