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15.12 Just as buggy

Question asked by deefop on Dec 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by sean.i

I've made a couple threads on these forums lately about driver issues, and it seems like none of the updates are fixing the core functionality problems that I've been having.


15.12 STILL has the issue of not properly disabling CF based on application profiles.  It's to the point where I've once again rolled back to 15.7.1 because it's the last working driver where the most basic functions weren't broken.


So after going to 15.12 I decided if it worked I would just stick with it and manually disable crossfire when needed(which is a pain).  But a couple minutes into playing CS:GO, I found it had developed a strange microstuttering problem, and none of the settings in the drivers made any difference.  I tried wiping and reinstalling 15.12 again fresh, still no go.  Had to revert 15.7.1 where it works fine.


I'm literally blown away at this point by the constant driver issues.  I have two 7870's and didn't plan on upgrading until the end of this coming year(most likely) because for the most part my cards handle the games I play just fine.  At this point I might end up being forced into an early upgrade, and if so it's going to be Nvidia PURELY because I need the drivers to actually work.  Seriously, if the drivers don't play the games normally then what's the point of having the card, no matter how good the hardware is or how cheap it was?


Oh, and I'm so shocked at the lack of a resolution/desktop properties section in Crimson that I feel like it's just a joke.  Does AMD think it's April 1st or something?  How could you NOT include a desktop properties section with the option to change resolutions?  Seriously? 


Really hope they get it together with drivers so I don't have to jump to another company like some brand loyalist idiot.