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Crossfire on, no performance increase from it, however...

Question asked by crusadehs on Dec 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by crusadehs

I have an Intel i5 4690k, 16GB RAM and 2 Gigabyte R9 280x's in crossfire configuration. My OS is windows 10. My Firestrike score on 1080p is only 7322 (basically the same as a single 280x) and I didn't notice any gains while gaming (even in world of warcraft). Even though crossfire is enabled in crimson driver and the system detects both GPUs. I also disabled ULPS in MSI afterburner. Same with Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor. Barely getting over 50 FPS average on maxed settings (no FPS gain from a single 280x). With both GPU monitored by afterburner at close to or 100% load. I tried to Rolled the driver back to 15.7.1 and 15.7, it seems to have fixed firestrike benchmark, got a score of 11599 on 1080p. Still no FPS gain in SoM or WoW after rolling back to these earlier versions. I clean uninstall each time before I reinstall a new driver. My crossfire bridge is properly attached, so are the 6+8pin power connectors.

Not sure what I can do next, any ideas?