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hdmi under win 10 seems not available !

Question asked by gumue on Dec 20, 2015

I have bought a brand new Lenovo Ideacentre AIO 700-24 with an AMD  A 10 7800 R 7 (with graphic card R 7 A 360) using WIN 10.

Additional to to Display of the all-in-PC my PC has 1 HDMI in and 1 HDMI out...


...but there seems to be no signal processing - not on the input and not on the Output.


I tried to updated all Drivers, but gotten the message there are up-to-date.


My HDMI Screen works perfect with my DELL on the same cable, connecting the cable to dhe Lenovo, my Screen only states "no signal, please check!"


After reading all the comments here, it seems to be a common problem for all WIN 10 that after upgradingto /using WIN 10, HDMI connectivity is lost!


Urgent help required.


Seems that we Need new Driver versions that must be developed by AMD !


Please answer how to procced! - Thanks!