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Crmison killing GPUs

Question asked by orderno227 on Dec 19, 2015
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Im writing this as a complaint about the new AMD Crimson drivers.Ive just downloaded it installed it and after that i decided to play a game.The moment i started it my screen went black a loud buzzing sound came from my speakers and i quickly decided to shut it down via the main power switch.After that i was really surprised at what happened so i started another game and the same thing happened again and then i knew something was wrong.I looked it up and saw that the new drivers automatically lower the fan speed of the video cards.That happened to my card and when it happened the GPU didnt get enough cooling and got it self fried because of that....Now everything that i turn on like games multiple videos the GPU temperatures go really high and after a certain time the same black screen and so on happens!

I tried uninstalling all previous drivers and putting new ones and it didnt work.Tried tweaking the fans also didnt work.And also my power supply is fully capable of sustaining everything in my PC as it has been for 1-2 years.

Specs:AMD FX-6300,Radeon HD 7870,Kingston hyperx 8gb ram,Asrock 990FX,Cooler master 750W

I know i wont get compensated for this but i want to point out that this was EXTREMELY unpleasant because were i live computer part are double the price of other countries and is a real pain to but a brand new one when ive given so much for this one....Any solutions?Thanks in advance!