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Poor performance on new asus fury.

Question asked by on Dec 19, 2015
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Today I bought a brand new asus strix fury to replace my gtx 970, I installed it fine, it booted up fine and I installed the drivers all fine. However when I go to play games I get serious frame drops and stuttering, so far I have tried rainbow six siege, fallout 4, just cause 3 (yeah I know it runs like shite on any system) and battlefront. For example when I play rainbow 6 siege my fps ranges between 90-150fps, but when I turn vsync on it either limits it to 30fps, but when it doesn't it stays at 60 but then drops down to 35fps or 55fps every minute or so for no reason and thsi issue seems to be the same on basically every game. I don't know whether this is an issue with the fury in general or if its an issue with my fury or am I missing something. changing settings doesn't do anything. Is it because my nvidea drivers from my 970 are still isntalled on my pc, do I need to reinstall crimson, do I need something else other than crimson.


Any help would be great as I am thinking of rma this and just keeping my 970.