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saphhire r7 260x 1gb game problem, all game lagging

Question asked by kidjo on Dec 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2015 by sean.i


AMD FX(tm)-4130 quad-core 3,80

ram 8 gb ddr5

amd ati radeon saphhire r7 260x 1gb ddr5

win 7 64 bit


when i play any games, no matter how low or high perfomace is, game from 2005 year or 2015 year it is the same, every game is lagging.

i try diferent windows, all drivers,, and problem is not solved.


when i turn on comp every time i must install graffick card driver, than when i play any game its lagging, but if i dont install driver when i turn on com the game is disaster, mutch worst.


temp is ok, in win is about 20, in the game is about 50.


sry for my english, PLS HELP????????