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    Lenovo G500 and HD8570M


      After installing fglrx laptop will not boot. Ubuntu 15.04. How to fix? Fglrx not support HD8570M? Why not work with fglrx??

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            barmalei wrote:


            Why not work with fglrx??

            Is it possible to gather boot logs from system? Like dmesg, Xorg log from /var/log, there should be errors with info on why fglrx can't start.

            barmalei wrote:


            How to fix?

            Is switch to text console works for you after boot? (for example Ctrl+Alt+F2.) If it works, you can login and uninstall fglrx there (and also copy necessary logs to your home folder, so you will able to send it to technical support).

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                Thank you.


                kernel: [   14.539765] fglrx: module license 'Proprietary. (C) 2002 - ATI Technologies, Starnberg, GERMANY' taints kernel.

                kernel: [   14.539770] Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint

                kernel: [   14.544941] fglrx: module verification failed: signature and/or  required key missing - tainting kernel

                kernel: [   14.558098] <6>[fglrx] Maximum main memory to use for locked dma buffers: 3692 MBytes.

                kernel: [   14.558243] <6>[fglrx]   vendor: 1002 device: 6663 revision: 0 count: 1

                kernel: [   14.558445] <6>[fglrx] ioport: bar 4, base 0x3000, size: 0x100

                kernel: [   14.558593] <6>[fglrx] Kernel PAT support is enabled

                kernel: [   14.558610] <6>[fglrx] module loaded - fglrx 15.20.2 [Feb 27 2015] with 1 minors

                kernel: [   29.035110] <6>[fglrx] Try to set gart size 2544M failed, should be within 0M and 0M. Discard the setting.

                kernel: [   29.315611] <3>[fglrx:mc_heap_add_reserved_range] *ERROR* Can not allocate dummy heap

                kernel: [   29.315614] <3>[fglrx:MCIL_AllocateMemory] *ERROR* Can not allocate requested gart cacheable memory for IVRING

                kernel: [   29.315680] <6>[fglrx] IRQ 32 Enabled

                kernel: [   29.327211] <6>[fglrx] Reserved FB block: Shared offset:0, size:1000000

                kernel: [   29.327214] <6>[fglrx] Reserved FB block: Unshared offset:778c000, size:4000

                kernel: [   29.327215] <6>[fglrx] Reserved FB block: Unshared offset:7790000, size:570000

                kernel: [   29.327216] <6>[fglrx] Reserved FB block: Unshared offset:3ffee000, size:12000

                kernel: [   29.333419] <3>[fglrx:firegl_cmmqs_init] *ERROR* CMMQS initialization is failed.

                kernel: [   29.333424] <3>[fglrx:hal_init_gpu] *ERROR* CMMQS Initialization failed: hal_init_gpu

                kernel: [   29.333426] <6>[fglrx] device open failed with code -1

                kernel: [   29.491869] vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device

                kernel: [   32.704609] vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device

                kernel: [   32.917478] <3>[fglrx:firegl_cmmqs_CWDDE_32] *ERROR* CMMQS CWDDE32: CMMQS handle is not valid.

                kernel: [   32.917482] <3>[fglrx:firegl_cmmqs_CWDDE32] *ERROR* CMMQS CWDDE is failed: firegl_cmmqs_CWDDE32

                kernel: [   32.949546] vgaarb: this pci device is not a vga device

                The response from the tech support.

                AMD recommends using the graphics drivers provided by your notebook's manufacturer as the manufacturer may customize the drivers to support the built-in display and the features and functions specific to the notebook.  Customized graphics drivers are available for download from most notebook manufacturer's web site.

                If the current operating system is not the version originally installed on the notebook it may not meet all requirements and compatible graphics drivers may not be available. Please refer to the notebook manufacturer for supported operating systems and drivers.

                AMD provides a reference for AMD Mobility Radeon graphics drivers with limited support for notebook specific features and functions.  This is not intended to be used as a replacement for the notebook manufacturer's driver. To know more, please visit https://community.amd.com/docs/DOC-1336