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280X Drop frame

Question asked by jamaica on Dec 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2016 by y_richard

Hi .



this is my pc specs


MB gigabyte 970a-d3p

cpu amd fx-8350

hdd 1tb + 2tb

ssd samsung 850 evo

ram 14 GB 8+4+2

GPU amd sapphire 280x vapor-x

case corsair 600t

power supply 650W

windows 8.1

amd software radeon-crimson-15.12



i play fifa 15 and fifa 16


i tride to recording my gameplay by all "games capture softwares" and raptr / amd gaming evolved


i have lag when i try to record my fifa gameplay on 1080p 60fps


i play fifa with lock frame rate to 60fps - 1920*1080 and work very well, but if i using game capture software , the frames down between 40-50, and video save about 50fps with lag




i tride to change all encoding, and closing all programs, clean windows , save video to different hard drive , no temperatures issue , the problem is not solved




please tell me if my GPU can't recording fifa in 1080 60fps ?


nvidia gtx 750 and latest nvidia cards have no fps drop problem when recording


so amd 280x can't ? i'm really sad .


best regards