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Radeon Dual Graphics problem in R6-8700P ~ R7-M360 / R8-M365DX

Question asked by csutanto on Dec 19, 2015

So I recently got myself an Acer laptop with A10-8700P and 2Gb R8-M365DX, 4GB RAM, etc. (for the serial, it's = Acer Aspire E5-552G A10)


I installed and Played CSGO. but it turns out I only got 50 FPS on medium. (On my old computer [AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black + Nvidia Geforce 9600GT] i get like 100 FPS on high)

That is very dissapointing.

i have installed AMD Crimson Software for Radeon from this official AMD site

I have installed Catalyst, I have set csgo.exe to high performance, and I have already enabled the dual graphics setting. (and I tick that 'dual graphics indicator')

No change in FPS.


Then i tried instaling Fallout 4. My friend said with his 2012 Intel I5 4210M + Nvidia GT 520M Laptop he got like 20~30 FPS on ultra low with that old laptop.

Mine is way newer and more powerful than his, so i must atleast get like 40 FPS. I was wrong. (Also, in Fallout 4 the Dual Graphics didn't turn on. How the hell could I play Fallout 4 with the r6 only?

I got like 15 FPS with some crazy stutters. (the only place where there were no stutters was in the vault.)

I am very dissapointed.


I tried installing War Thunder in this laptop. This time, the dual graphics actually turned on, and there's an indicator that the dual graphics is on.

I only get 30 FPS in Medium. but what surprises me is = all the shadows are flickering like crazy, the texture were rotated, and the tank itself was flashing like crazy.

(I could show it in youtube if requested, but since my internet has a very slow upload speed, I don't think I would do it in this few days)

I am utterly dissapointed


I thought that this laptop would give me good fps in GTA V. I was wrong, again. Dual Graphics didn't turned on, and when the VRAM is 2GB, GTA V reads that I only have 1GB VRAM.

I tried to low everything out. I should get like 985MB/1024MB VRAM usage like everyone on youtube gets, but instead it reads 1908MB/1024MB. What in the world?


I tried looking up the internet for the problem solving, but most of it just directs to the Catalyst and/or Crimson Software for Radeon. The little else results were about cleaning the pc, defragments etc.


There goes my trust on this laptop, and probably on AMD Mobile.(I'm going back on my AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Ed PC, it gives a more decent performance)


I could get my trust back tho if I could crank this Laptop up to it's good performance.


RIP $510


What I want to ask now is :

1. How do you turn on Dual Graphics in CSGO, Fallout 4, GTA V, Team Fortress 2, etc.

2. How do you solve the texture flickering in War Thunder (Remember Dual Graphics are on in War Thunder)

3. Why was my GTA V acted like what I typed above?

4. Should I go to Acer complainments or AMD Complainments?


I would very appreciate everyone who gives me answers and advices.

(I think this is the first case of this problem since I don't see anyone is talking about this in TomsHardware, AMD Forums, Acer Forums, etc.)


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 -A Computer Noob / AMD ~ Acer user.