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Integrated Circuit Embedded Design Questions of CPU/Memory Controller/Video Controller Chip

Question asked by vmehta on Dec 19, 2015

Hello. We are a small software and hardware based company based out of Ottawa Canada. We are researching the latest AMD CPU's with integrated Northbridge chipset and integrated video and memory controller IC. We would like to ask the following question as related in particularly to the integrated Northbridge chipset solution.


1. We understand that this IC does in fact have a logic (hard) core yes ?

2. Would this IC have just a single logic core or multiple logic  core ?

3. How many layers does this all-in-one solution (CPU/


4. In general where would the design of this logic core be located on die ? Would this logic core be located on the top most layer in the Northbridge IC ?


5. How does this logic core get powered on and made active on power on or reset of the device ? Would it be by way of a RBL (ROM Boot loader) ?


6. If the answer to question 5 is yes then where would this RBL code be found ? Would it be on the same die as for the Northbridge IC in the ROM areas of the die ? 


7. Would it be possible to embed a CPU core and ROM section into the area of the Northbridge IC ? We would be happy to share why the interest in this question.


8. Can we obtain ANY block diagrams for this IC which paints a picture of the location of ANY circuit designs of internal RAM or ROM or EEPROM or flash memory and core areas located within this Northbridge IC areas on die ?