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Black Screen with Windos Key+P

Question asked by exxo on Dec 19, 2015

Hello AMD Users,


I own a Saphire R9 290 TRI-X i 've encountered a very annoying bug:


Every time i select "Computer only" with Windows Key + P Menu the screen will turn black after reboot/login to windows.

It just turns black approximately 30 seconds after login when the desktop and all services are loaded.


I run two 1280x1024 displays with DVI connectors and a primary display with 1680x1050 and Display port -> DVI adapter.

This issue appears across all AMD and chipset drivers i've installed since June 2014 for this card.

Even after a clean install of Windows 7 Professional the issue is still existing.


My motherboard is a Asus P8Z77-V and i5 2500K CPU with iGPU disabled.

I never have found critical events or warnings in Windows event log.


I filled several bug reports on the corresponding AMD support page but they have never fixed this issue.


Do have an idea what is happening and how to solve this?


Thank you.