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I dont want crimson unless... Listen to your customers AMD, its always done you well before.

Question asked by 17stmargaretsroad on Dec 19, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2015 by hoggy969

Ok, so Ive been building and repairing for over two decades professionally and personally, one of the more annoying things in my opinion of this job is supplying a package to the customer that ISN'T full of bloatware.  Bloatware being three tons of crappy software to perform functions that were already available, but now take up resources just to enable the user some nice system hogging shortcuts via 3rd party rubbish applications, i.e. buy an HP laptop and you spend hours pulling them out like fricking weeds.


I find the sudden and unwanted imposition of Crimson to be like this. We will leave aside for a moment the fact that your first botched attempt nearly wrote off my graphics card.


Now, you can convince me of the virtue of crimson by doing one of two things.


A) Name me a critical function that can ONLY be performed in Crimson and NOT in catalyst.


B) ~If your unable to answer A and agree with me that its an idiotic duplication of available functions for no good reason, then why not move all functions to Crimson and dump catalyst.


Anything else is creating and indeed duplicating functions to fit the tech. Not creating tech to do the work better. This is something large tech firms seem to miss with alarming regularity.


AMD, you've been with me since my childhood. Dont screw it up now. A reply would be good when your able.


Merry Christmas.