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    The Box (#Wishlist)


      The Box (HAL 3.0)

      Used for Gaming and Research




      Old water cooling build from 2012.











      AMD FX 8350 (4.2)


      Custom Water Loop (hand made)


      ASUS ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z


      32GB GSKILL DDR3 2400


      2x 6990 ASUS Refrences

      Disc Drive 1

      RAID (8 SSD’s)

      Disc Drive 2

      Patriot Inferno PI60GS25SSD

      Disc Drive 3



      High Power 1200W


      Fractal Design XL (Gen 1) Gutted manually


      Samsung SA950D

      The Box

      Case - Fractal Define XL (GEN 1)

      with EVERYTHING removed by a dremel.



      AMD Phenom X8 8350 (4.2) Ghz

      32GB GSKILL DDR3 2400

      Asus Crosshair V Formula Z

      2x 9660 under Danger Den Copper blocks (4GPUS 2GB ram each) both are ASUS References.

      HIGH Power 1200W power supply (it's been running flawlessly since 2012)



      LSI MegaRaid 9260-8i

      8x Patriot PI60GS25SSD (60GB each) for 450G in Raid 0



      Dual Danger Den full card blocks all CU (They no longer exist)

      Custom EKWB North Bridge (Acetal + EN)

      Coolance EN CPU Cooler (Water Block)

      Dual Radiators (Alphacool 140 x 3 Thick on the Top Danger Den 2 x 120 in the front)

      Dual MCP 655 (new controllers) sitting on the floor next to the Swiftech reservoir in the bottom

      The big column in standard cu pipe used in a home with two adapters to 3/8"

      The curved cu is 3/4" HVAC loop bent to fit manually.

      Custom copper, same pipe as in your AC and home depending on when your home was built; about 3 feet of it. Lots of 3/4 (3/4" outside 1/2 inside dia) tube as well where the pipe could not bend.

      Cooling Loop is: Resivoir -> Pump 1 -> Pump 2 -> Veritcal Cooling Pipe -> Radiator on Top - > CPU - > North Bridge -> GFX Cards -> Radiator in Front -> Resivoior

      Only moving parts are the fans and pumps which make about 18 - 28 decibles of noise.

      Everything is closed now so air bleeding and loop design is quickly becoming a lost art.



      2 Radeon R9 ARES? Samsung SMX951?

      Dual Acetal Block cover for my pumps?

      4K Curved Monitors

      + MORE COPPER!

      Right now it's my backup rig. Sorry about the cables I'm too preoccupied with life to organize them.

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          I love the copper pipes.

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            Nice work!

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              When i looked at the pic my first thought was WTF!

              It looks like an alien computer sprouted in the plumbing in the basement.

              Your a friggin MacGyver!

              Doesn't the copper tend to sweat?

              Do you OC your RAM?


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                  Copper cooling is nothing new, sweating only occurs on Copper when the water inside is below the ambient dew point. Your cold water pipes in your home sweat because the water comes in at ground temperature which deepending on your location is somewhere between 14 and 18 degrees centigrade. Your home is a bout 18 to 22 degress so the humidity in the air condenses on the pipes.


                  In my case the water inside is a bout 2 degrees centigrade above the ambient so no it won't sweat. I'm running just straight distelled water with a bit of glycerine and some tri-sodium phosphate as anti-bacterial, since bacteria loves 20 something degree water, I'd put a kill coil in 

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                    Oh, I can OC everything, I've hit 4.4 stable but I have a Raid Card so it's not that stable when I O.C. Generally this box does a lot of video work / 3D work / and GPU Calculations since it's got about 4000 programmable gpu compute cores.


                    The RAM is GSKILL DDR3 2400, It supports XMP out of the box so it's generally running at an over-clocked speed anyhow. (Hence the Fans) I'd love to use a Water cooling block but the GSKILL is not like patriot where there are threaded mounts for Water-blocks for the ram.


                    If I upgrade this it will be Video then Storage then Monitors.

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