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Cannot install AMD Application

Question asked by drew_eh on Dec 18, 2015
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I have had this issue since I first bought my first AMD product and never bothered trying to fix it till now.  Maybe a year, or year and a half now.

Video Card: AMD Radeon R7 200 Series



Whenever I try to install the latest (happened on 1st install too) driver and application package offered I get the same error message at 2% (talks only a few seconds):

   Application Install: install package failure!



Currently I have Windows 10 x64


Latest package that I tried to install was for driver 15.300.1025.1001 (released around mid Dec 2015) which also included a new crimson version (not sure what that is all about yet).  If I run the installer, get the error mentioned above, then run the installer again it shows a window with check boxes saying which packages I can choose to install, and what current version I have, here is what it reports (so I know some things have been installed):

AMD Display Driver - installed - version 15.300.1025.1001

HDMI Audio Driver - installed - version

AMD Settings - not installed

AMD Gaming Evolved App - not installed


Things I have tried and failed miserably...

A) Run as administrator - no effect (I am an admin of my computer anyways)

A) Add Remove Programs - I cannot uninstall catalyst control center (no error or popups, just doesn't seem to start to uninstall)

B) Google said to try to edit C:\AMD\radeon...\config\installManager.cfg to say "WorkaroundInstall=True" - no effect

C) Found "AmdCleanUpUtility.exe", ran it successfully, it did NOT clean up CCC mentioned above (and is still visible in add remove programs), rebooted, try to re-install, same issue occurs


And here I am wondering what to try next.  I do not see any other types of video card software or drivers installed.


Any tips is appreciated.  The driver does install and update fine so I have no idea what this AMD software will do for me, or maybe it will just slow my computer down more, not sure what I'm missing out on.