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strange starting screen with r9 380x

Question asked by faon on Dec 18, 2015


today I bought a completely new R9 380x Sapphire and build it into my desktop pc. So far I have completely uninstalled the nvidia driver from my last video card and installed the amd video driver. However I had to realise that my starting screen is messed up and in the current form unusable. I can't start my PC in safe mode anymore.

This is what it looks like:[1]

Any idea what could be the cause of this? Apart from this the card is running fine. I already tested out Fallout 4 and it works like a charm. Would love to get help on this one. I will provide addtitional information if necessary.

Windows 10, 650W


So far I tried: -Different cables (HDMI/VGA with Adapter) didn't work

-Tried to update the BIOS on my motherboard. Also didn't work.

-I completely uninstalled the drivers with Display Driver Uninstall (DDU)

-Put the card in different PCIe slots, didn't work

-reinstall the drivers, also didn't work

-Went back from windows 10 to windows 6, also had no effect.

-Tried to make sure that the BIOS initialises PCIe first (well it has been from the start but I checked it)


So guys any idea what could be wrong? It's just the starting screen where your bios would show up. Everything else is working PERFECTLY fine, yet this issue is getting on my nerves.