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    PSA to AMD Wish List Contest Holiday Giveaway Contestants


      It's no surprise that the Fury X is a top pick for a wishlist item on your holiday wishlists, but please, if you win, bear in mind this card's power requirements (750w minimum/850w recommended) as well as the need to have a place to mount a radiator.  I've seen more than a few people requesting it and posting their rigs and I've not seen that many systems that can actually RUN a Fury X without an additional purchase.  It would suck to win one, receive the card, and then not be able to use it, or worse, use it with a low wattage/low quality PSU and kersplode something.  If you actually win, please verify that you can actually RUN the card, and if you do need to buy a new PSU, please defer to this chart that I've posted before so you don't end up getting a cheap fire hazard.  I too wanted a Fury X, then I actually won and realized that I didn't have a place for the radiator, and my PSU was cutting it close.  I opted for the quieter Sapphire Fury Tri-X card after figuring out that my case would actually fit this thing and the power supply requirements were a little less daunting, plus the fact it's a quieter card.  It's about 5% slower than a Fury-X (until you overclock it) in case you were wondering.  Anyway, make sure whatever you win will actually fit and run!