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    AMD Graphics Workstation



      Current rig as of Dec 18th 2015

      I have stuck with this board until next month when I hope to update for Christmas. It runs as smoothly as the day I bought it and I can still play most games with very decent settings.

      This is an all-amd certified build. I find that it outperforms nearly all of my other Intel builds which were for graphics workstations roles in corporate marketing and advertising departments.

      Don't have time to post a photo prior to wk 4 drawing. Will re-edit later.



      CPUAMD Phenom II Black Edition x4 3.2Ghz

      Titan Fenrir CPU Cooler

      MotherboardGigabyte GA-MA790GP UD4H
      MemoryHyperX 12GB DDR2
      GraphicsSapphire Dual-X R9 270 OC Edition
      Disc Drive 1Samsung 850 PRO SSD 128GB
      Disc Drive 2Seagate 4TB Sata III
      Disc Drive 3Seagate 4TB Sata III
      PSUCorsair TX650W
      CaseShark 8 Fan Tower Black with BlueGreen Leds
      MonitorTwin Samsung S27D360 HDMI Displays