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    La Diabla (Lilith)



      Latest build, just finished about 2 weeks ago.
      Funny story?
      Started out as a light gaming (spare old parts laying around kinda) PC for browsing, After buying the case my OCD kicked in and well here is the outcome, Yeah not so great of a pic, I know!


      Little update to show my desktop using Aida64's sensor display feature.


      To enter if you don't get the PRE MADE form,
      1- Click the link on the Upper RIGHT:  "RED RIG Showcase Form"
      2- If it takes you to the JIVE APPS page, search for "Forms" and INSTALL.
      3- Go back to the Rig Showcase forum section and click on the:  "RED RIG Showcase Form" link again.
      4- Now you should see the pre-made form to fill in and post
      5- Once posted, on the Right Side Menu click on : EDIT and now you can insert the Photo using the IMG link in the editor.
      6- After you're done, Click: Post! You're done, now just wait for approval. Good luck!



      IMG_20151203_152021.jpgAIDA SCREEN.PNG




      CPUAMD FX8350
      CoolerCorsair H100i
      MotherboardMSI 990FX Gaming
      Memory16GB 1866Mhz Corsair Vengeance 2x RED 2x Black
      Graphics2x MSI R9 380
      Disc Drive 1Corsair GT - OS / Corsair Force3 - Mostly played Games
      Disc Drive 22x Samsung 840Pro Raid0 - Fav Games
      Disc Drive 3{WD 1TB Storage
      PSUCorsair HX 850w  with custom sleeved extensions
      CaseNZXT H440
      Monitor1- ( 4 Gaming) Asus VG248QE / 2- (4 Temps monitoring, TS and such) Acer S243HL