AMD finally unveils an open-source answer to Nvidia’s GameWorks

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""We first wrote about GameWorks nearly two years ago, and have written a number offollow-up pieces since. Nvidia’s GameWorks program allows participating developers to use Nvidia’s own middleware libraries for various in-game effects rather than relying on other third-parties or writing such code themselves. The advantage to GameWorks, in theory, is that Nvidia knows its driver code and hardware best, and (again, in theory) creates the best implementation of a given effect that you can achieve in the industry — provided you own an Nvidia graphics card. The flip side to this is that if you don’t own an Nvidia graphics card, you’re a bit screwed. There’s very little AMD can do to optimize performance for the specific libraries used within a GameWorks title, short of providing their own full-fledged library and hoping the developer is willing to integrate two separate libraries that do the same thing. (Spoiler: Most aren’t).

Nvidia’s response to AMD’s complaints have typically boiled down to “If they want access to custom libraries, they can build their own.” And now, AMD has.""



""One major question in future GPU Open versus GameWorks battle is whether or not AMD’s initiative will make much headway against Nvidia’s. To understand why this is the case, it’s important to understand that GameWorks is often part of an agreement between Nvidia and the game’s publisher. In such deals, it’s common for membership in a particular program (Gaming Evolved, TWIMTBP) to also include co-branded marketing funds and certain sales guarantees. Nvidia might guarantee to a publisher that if it adopts GameWorks, Nvidia will purchase a certain number of game copies to be distributed along with qualifying GeForce cards. AMD’s “Never Settled” program may also have used such considerations; companies don’t typically get into the nitty-gritty of these arrangements for obvious reasons.""


AMD finally unveils an open-source answer to Nvidia’s GameWorks | ExtremeTech