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    Black Desert Online Optimization


      Has this game been optimized with any of AMDs driver releases? Its in the North American Beta stage.

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          Games out now, so I'll update a bit whats going on.


          • Fullscreen so broken that they do need help, right now it picks first? refresh rate from monitor and forces vsync or FPS lock to it.

                    - 1080p TV picks that 24p mode and game locks it 24fps

                    - 1440p BenQ 144Hz locks to 60Hz.

          • Borderless/Windowed is only way to play BDO and it works alrite, but still big nnnnope for AMD cards.
          • Pretty crap tweak options, cant even disable or enable vsync from ingame or settings file.
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              Yeah; Same here...


              I am also locked to 60hz, fullscreen mode, on Asus 144hz monitor at 1440p (MG279Q). Strange enough though; it will bump to 89hz when I enable Freesync :-|



              XFX R9 290s x2

              i7 3930k

              16GB RAM

              Samsung SSD (where the game is isntalled)

              EVGA 1k G2 PSU


              Hopefully get updates from AMD soo (crosses fingers).

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                  Dont know who did what, but with 16.3.2 driver + latest update the fullscreen works like it should.

                  Still, I have found is that there is actually refresh rate command which works so strange that it only needs to be "applied" once, and the game will remember it even if its no longer in GameOption.txt? but anyways before today FPS did still cap to 60 so it didint really help so much.


                  Documents\Black Desert\GameOption.txt

                  refreshrate = 144

                  So, if its not working for you? add that tweak and see if character selection goes past 60fps.


                  Now only thing what needs to be taggled is AA.