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Radeon Crimson causes Blackscreen making PC unusable (Fury-X)

Question asked by strajk- on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by garwynn

The first time I installed the Crimson drivers when they were released everything went fine, then I decided to try out the Overclocking of Crimson to see how it performs.

The moment I applied the settings my Main monitor got a Blackscreen, my second and third monitor had a Greenscreen and the CPU+GPU fans startet running at 100%


This made my PC unusable, whenever I booted and tried opening Crimson to remove those settings, the same thing happened instantly, now I couldn't even start up Crimson because of this.

Then I tried leaving the PC idle, after 5 minutes or so the same issue happened.


I decided to roll back to the 15.11.1 Beta Drivers again, removing Crimson completely from my PC, everything worked perfectly after that.


Today I received a notification from Catalyst that an Update was available, little did I knew that it was the Crimson driver, thinking that this issue might be fixed I've left it install anyways since I knew that rolling back would give me back access, but to no avail, Crimson fails yet again the same crashes happen over, and over, and over again.


You should be ashamed AMD, I thought nvidia was the only Manufacturer that bricked GPUs and made shitty fast released drivers, but seems like you guys decided to go the same path.