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There is no compatible driver for my graphics card after the new update ((AMD Radeon HD6490M) + Intel HD Graphics 3000)

Question asked by markec21 on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2015 by kingfish

Greetings,kind people.I hope you will be able to help me with this.


So,basically it was  in the time of this new Radeon settings update and so on ( I do not know is it a coincidence or anything,but it was on that time for sure ) ; I was just browsing my screen and suddenly..Boomchakalaka! There was no sound or anything it just my PC got frozen,nothing I could do,not move mouse,not keyboard,not anything since it was frozen,it is like you move in the street and just stop,do nothing,not even breathing..

So,after restart I saw that the system has crashed since I didn't shut it down correctly.

Anyway,that was fine for me.I installed system again,that ain't a problem.
Now the problem is : Any driver I try to install for my graphics card driver will not work.So not the previous one I had,not the new one.
If I try to install the previous one,in the installation the screen will just go black and ping at top,so I have to safe mode and reinstall it.But if I install using for example the new Radeon setting,I forgot what is the name of that new update,something like 15. something screen can do two options :
1) It will do the same thing as the first driver that was before : just keep black and popping the little white thing in the top left corner
2) It will be installed,correctly..But after some time suddenly the freezing will continue,for example laptop may be working for 2mins and it will just freeze like the first time it did,or it may for example for 6mins...But I know it is very common and in short time

Please do not talk about things as "Go to your IT servicer,you should change your graphics card" ; ( since the card is very fine) or "Scan system for antivirus" ( Doesn't mean a thing since I reinstalled OS multiple times and the first thing I install is that driver)



PS : My driver works ONLY in a combination with Intel HD Graphics enabled,so when I install AMD graphics driver first,it will not work correctly since Intel is not installed.But when they are both installed problems occur.Intel HD Graphics can work alone,but as we all know bad for gaming


Oh and one more thing,I forgot to mention : First time of usage of PC the graphics were Radeon HD 6490M..I do not know how but second time after I did HP factory backup it was like Radeon 6770M or smth like that and no,I am not drunk it was like that.


So,if anyone have some ideas please feel free to share them with me.My laptop is HP ProBook 4530s.And yes,I have tried downloading drivers from it's official site.