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Can't get past windows screen, does anyone have any ideas?

Question asked by tobskii on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by garwynn

Two days ago my screen went blue/purple and crashed during a BF4 session. I tried to restart the computer but couldn't get past the windows screen. The screen was just black even though the computer seemed like it started. I tried to reinstall windows 7(was previously on windows 10) and after installing the latest drivers to basically everything but my monitor, everything was OK. Just a couple of seconds after I updated the drivers of my monitor the screen went black. I restarted my computer and once again, I couldn't get past the windows screen. Could this be related to the latest drivers of my AMD radeon HD 7870? Anyone have any ideas? I'm not great with computers.
Also, when I was on windows 10 I got into safe mode once and the screen didn't go black. Not sure what this might mean. Maybe you do.