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unable to browse source code

Question asked by jcxz on Dec 18, 2015

Hello everyone,


I have the same problem as the person in this thread: CodeXL : unable to browse source code. After double-clicking on the function name in profile overview, I cannot see the source code, only the disassembly and I get a warning message saying "The source file was not found. Cannot annotate source. Only disassembly will be available."

I do not think that the problem lies in not having debug symbols included in profiled binary as I have verified that the very same CodeXL project works as expected in CodeXL 1.8. I have also experienced this very same problem on my home machine with an Intel processor as well as at work, where I have an AMD CPU.
I have tried to use CodeXL for CPU profiling (Time-based sampling) and I have compiled my code using 64-bit mingw 4.9.2.

However the Teapot sample seems to be working fine.
Is there any workaround to this issue ?