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    3 monitors, 3rd one not to be shown as active


      Hey guys,


      hope you can help me


      Got 3 monitors, each 24' and FHD


      M1 connected via HDMI to HDMI

      M2 connected via VGA to VGA/DVI (adapter)

      M3 connected via HDMI to HDMI/MINIDP (IB-AC506  ; as far as i read this one has an active chip which converts the minidp signal to hdmi, so it should be considered as a active one right?)


      graphics: AMD Radeon HD 7950 HiS

      1x DVI 1x HDMI 2x MiniDP


      OS: WIN 10 64 bit


      But as soon i connect any one of these monitors as tertiar one, one of the first 2 shuts down. So it allows a maximum of 2 active monitors, just as the minidp adapter doesnt work as activ.

      Already tried a second mini dp adapter but got the same problem


      Thanks in advance