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    Bad Framerate Drops with Crimson Drivers; Fury X




      I got myself a Fury X;


      All my games ran buttery smooth with the catalyst drivers; even though the card showed high activity and got pretty warm.


      Then i installed the Crimson drivers; Many of my games ran marginally worse, or began having framerate drops;


      Fallout 4, for example runs buttery smooth 60+ FPS (except in crowded large open areas, stays above 50 more or less always) on ultra settings with the latest Catalyst Beta driver.

      With the Crimson driver, the game fluctuates wildly over and under 60FPS, and even drops below 30, suddenly in certain areas (Fixed areas, even indoors, areas that should be really low cost)


      These drops are 100% replicable; As a drop occurs, the activity LEDs on the Fury also drop significantly.


      Fallout is not an exception, this happens in many of my games, under varying circumstances.


      GPU activity and framerates drop hand in hand, seemingly for no reason.


      Looking at the symptoms i'd assume there is something wrong with the Framerate targeting control.

      I have tried setting it to 60, 100, off ... globally and/or on a per game basis.

      Frustratingly all of this does exactly nothing to alleviate the issue.

      Same for any and all other settings in the AMD settings, and or Fallout 4 settings;


      The Fury X stubbornly refuses to produce acceptable, stable framerates with the crimson drivers, all the while seemingly just idling around on it's lazy behind.


      I've tried the latest crimson drivers; same results.


      I've downgraded back to the latest Catalyst Beta, my card runs a bit hotter (all within acceptable range) but actually does it's job.

      Though i can't access the settings, with the dreaded "Catalyst Control Center cannot be started. There are currently no settings that can be configured using AMD CatalystControl Center." message.


      Is this a know issue?

      It doesn't seem to be listed as such.

      It seems to be a global issue, not game specific.

      Can i count on this being fixed in a future crimson update?


      Or should i try something else in the meantime?


      I'm on WIN10 64bit

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          Before you went back to the old style beta drivers, did you use DDU to clean everything? If so, you might try that so that CCC runs. I have a fury, but I do not own Fallout 4, so I cannot test how it performs for me.

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              I used the AMD clean uninstall Utiliy, i could try with DDU to get CCC to work; However that isn't the real issue, I just added that for completion.

              What I really want to know is whether I can, or will be, able to run Crimson without these issues.

              I don't want to have to stick with Catalyst indefinitely.


              I will try running DDU, then Install Crimson, and see if things improve.


              AS for Fallout 4, i don't have all the issues other people seem to have with it in Crimson, just the wierd framerate drops, which happen across multiple games.


              Update: Ran DDU, installed crimson, problem persists.


              It is as if the card downthrottles too hard, or has a hard time settling on what speed it needs to run at to have a stable framerate.

              It happens in all games, the same principal, in different degrees. Just Cause 3 as well.


              Running DDU again and reverting to catalyst.

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              Yeah I am having a lot of issues with running one Fury X on the new crimson drivers.  Frame rates fluctuate as do the speed of my graphics card.  On previous drivers the card would fully boost to 1050mhz when anything 3d related was being rendered.  Now the speed changes and causes a lot of framerate drops and such.  I've also noticed a lot of graphical glitches when running a game with v-sync on.  If I disable v-sync the performance is better and the graphical glitches go away.


              I actually have 2 Fury X's in crossfire and every game that uses both cards runs great and my cards boost to 1050mhz and stay there while playing a game with the new crimson drivers.  I am just having a lot of issue when running games that don't support crossfire.  So your not along in having performance issues with the new crimson drivers.  I would try disabling v-sync the next time you try out the newer drivers and see if you get better performance.  It helped a little in my case.  For now though I've gone back to previous drivers because most of the games I am playing at the moment use only one card.