AMD is just embarrassing at this point

Discussion created by madmatt on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2015 by esmea

So they release the next driver and the same fricking bugs still persist?


Compass flickering with 280X in Fallout 4

poor performance in GTAV

Really poor performance in Elite for how long? A year now?

fluctating clocks

no Crossfire Support for Star Wars Battlefront, Fallout 4 and all other modern games

CTD´s in Dirt Rally (an AMD title)


is that one guy on vacation or sick that is writing the drivers for AMD? Fallout is out more than a month, so is SW Battlefront. That is just ridiculous at this point and I can and will warn everyone no to by an AMD product in the future. I mean their cpu´s are more than shitty compared to intel but now they managed to drag down their graphics department to the same level. Thanks for destroying ATI btw.


I just hope that AMD goes bankrupt as fast as possible by now and makes room for someone that is not a total amateur.