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    AMD is just embarrassing at this point


      So they release the next driver and the same fricking bugs still persist?


      Compass flickering with 280X in Fallout 4

      poor performance in GTAV

      Really poor performance in Elite for how long? A year now?

      fluctating clocks

      no Crossfire Support for Star Wars Battlefront, Fallout 4 and all other modern games

      CTD´s in Dirt Rally (an AMD title)


      is that one guy on vacation or sick that is writing the drivers for AMD? Fallout is out more than a month, so is SW Battlefront. That is just ridiculous at this point and I can and will warn everyone no to by an AMD product in the future. I mean their cpu´s are more than shitty compared to intel but now they managed to drag down their graphics department to the same level. Thanks for destroying ATI btw.


      I just hope that AMD goes bankrupt as fast as possible by now and makes room for someone that is not a total amateur.

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          Hey, it could be worse.  My GPU doesn't even work in the desktop because it's old and they can't be bothered to add a functional driver.  I get framerate stuttering in the new version of Windows Solitaire.


          They are taking 'planned obsolescence' way to far when their updates break a formally functional computer for being old.

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              You have to use a Legacy driver. Likely your monitor is older than your gpu, eh?...;)

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                I forgot to mention, this isn't good business either.  At first glance, there isn't profit in them helping me.  But, I recently moved across country, shipped my new desktop by freight and took my old laptop on the plane.  When my desktop gets here I'll start using that instead.  Infact, my next hardware upgrade will likely be a video card for the one year old desktop.  I have every incentive to get an nvidea card now because Microsoft will probably release a new version of Windows a few years from now I can't rely on AMD to make drivers.

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                    Let's see...so because you are having trouble with your ancient ATi gpu (that you have yet to identify), that is so old that you have to use Legacy drivers with it, that makes you want to get a nVidia (need to learn the spelling there) gpu, even though nVidia also offers Legacy drivers and very limited support for their older gpus, too.  So I take it it simply doesn't matter to you what AMD makes in the way of "modern" gpus or how well their drivers for those products might be (discounting Crimson so far), when you buy your up-to-date gpu--because you are using your ancient gpu as the only criteria for buying your current gpu.  That about the size of it?  I wish I could say that I understood your point--if I did I might agree with it.  But expecting a dx3-5 compliant gpu to run properly with a d3d12 OS is silly.  Probably your best bet would be to roll back to XP, if running your Solitaire game with your GPU is your main concern...of course, depending on just how old this gpu is--you might need to roll back to Win95...;)

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                        It worked fine on Windows 7.  I should've been able to roll it back within a month, but lost the option within a week, and I'll admit that's Microsoft's fault.  Don't worry, I complained to them first.  I'll admit that right now windows update is downloading the two day old 5xxx series driver that I haven't tried yet, so hopefully that will work.

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                    As someone that owned and used nvidia last year, it's actually worse. The 970 memory issue had/has users in a uproar, then CTDs while watching youtube videos that never got sorted out. All sorts of complaints about sli not working. Basically, the same stuff as here but times 5.


                    So what card do you have shafted?

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                      Resolved issues:

                      • [82645] Fallout 4 - The compass may flicker during gameplay on AMD Radeon R9 390 series products. We continue to investigate the issue with AMD Radeon R9 290 and AMD Radeon R9 295X2 series products

                      My compass is still flickering! I have a R9 390! So AMD is not able to fix this little problem since a month now! LOL! That's unbelievable!

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                        Surely you weren't expecting "revolutionary new graphics software that delivers redesigned functionality, supercharged graphics performance, remarkable new features, and innovation that redefines the overall user experience."?

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                          Could be better couldn't it?


                          There's been an awful lot of layoffs at AMD - surely they must have retained enough people who are fixing up the drivers? (urgh...does it bear thinking about)


                          A fortnight to stick a WHQL logo on the 15.11.1 set and a few other fixes - is that another half a year with extrapolation then? =P



                          Can't say I want AMD bankrupted! It's hardly the end of the world because of the Fallout 4 compass bug.


                          Monopolies are the worst thing that could happen - who remembers the ridiculous 3DFX/Voodoo days where you couldn't run a game without the right card. And all the other proprietary/exclusive lunacy.



                          I really like the new Crimson interface - it should've had an invite only beta test - launching with the fan bug was pretty grim.


                          Or maybe they just enjoy reading negative reddit posts? Are they secret masochists? They seem to make decent decisions on one hand (Freesync, Mantle, etc) and punch themselves in the balls with the other arm.


                          Other plans (GPUOpen) are a bit late to the party but at least they're coming (...did the coffeeboy think up the name?)


                          Still, I'd have thought in three months time we'll have a solid alternative to the dated Catalyst Control Centre.


                          Calamity and disaster tends to strike in force and when you least expect it.



                          The other side are really are just as bad.


                          Do you like super tessellated concrete blocks? Maybe you want one of Nvidia's black boxes built into your monitor? Didn't the GTX 7xx series performance tank down the drain when GTX 9xx arrived?


                          AMD hardware seems to have excellent longevity at least.


                          Both sides kill off old cards and rebrand - hence my jump from a HD 4770 (which was fine for me) to R9 285.


                          CrossFire & SLI are equally hopeless - wouldn't touch either with a bargepole. Don't expect that to work until the influx of DirectX 12 games land or possibly even later (when UHD monitors are the norm?)



                          I would've thought Bethesda could've implemented their own workaround by now - it's not like they're short of cash is it? Likewise for Frontier. Modders have fixed up the former haven't they - as usual with their games.


                          As none of us are insiders - we don't know where to point the finger of blame there. Should AMD or NVidia get the blame in the case of a dodgy implementation? Doesn't bug free, optimized software work both ways? What is the right way to make a compass appear on a screen?



                          I thought Rockstar did a decent job at catering to both sides with GTA V - plenty of unbiased graphical options there - can't say I experienced bad performance either.


                          I believe subsequent patches reduced the performance of GTA V to block out attempts at modding.

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                            Might have sounded a little bit harsh as I don´t want anyone to lose their jobs and wasn´t meant too serious at all.


                            It just bugs me that AMD has good ideas and nice graphs and presentation sheets that present them. But when it comes to implementing those features in a useful way it does not work or they need ages for it.


                            The compass does not work with Crimson, as is the minimap in GTA V and in SW Battlefront so it seems to be a bug in almost all directx 11 games. All those problems are gone when you install 15.11.1 CCC. And they can´t fix it in almost a month? There can´t be more than one person working at those drivers since they should know the problems and in which games they occur since Crimson launched in November. It can´t be hard to first acknowledge that all cards are affected. They could acknowledge that the minimap in GTA V flickers and has errors occuring on probably all AMD cards too etc. then look into those problems and fix them.


                            It seems they either ignore reports about bugs, don´t monitor the forums or just don´t care. Or, what would probably be worse, are not able to fix those issues in time because they miss competence. They never acknowledged that massive driver overhead they have compared to Nvidia and probably just wait for Directx12 hoping that Microsoft will fix it.


                            What I am trying to say is that they start doing something but there is no real plan and either something isn´t fixed at all or it takes ages.


                            Hope they stay in business since they have good ideas and the hardware has the raw power but it all falls apart with shitty software support. They should hire a lot of good coders and fire some marketing idiots instead if they can´t have both.

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                              So... May I ask if there is an option to create two or more global profiles in this new 15.12 version ? I'm still on latest catalyst drivers because of this.

                              I'd like to create two profiles for overdrive:


                              One for desktop/web browsing with lowered to minimum clocks and power consuption.

                              Second for gaming - with standard clocks (used for ALL GAMES - i don't like creating separate profile for each game - i just don't care. I want all my games to run at custom global profile).

                              I'd appreciate an answer cause i don't want to install and revert back to catalyst like with 15.11 drivers

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                                  I won´t touch Crimson anytime soon so I can´t help you there. Sad thing is that we probably won´t see any new drivers till at least february. They are really slow already and now that the holidays are coming they won´t release anything anytime soon. I mean, one of the official reps (AMDMatt or AMDJoe) at overclockers.uk really said how great their driver team is since they fixed the fan bug in only a week even though it was thanksgiving. I mean seriously they think to fix something important like a fan bug that fried several graphics cards within a whole week as an acomplishment, lol. Sad state AMD is in.

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                                    I'll give you a general answer and I hope it addresses everything you wanted.


                                    My R9 285 will downclock itself automatically when idle - I think most of the new cards do the same.

                                    • GPU Clock = 300 MHz (918MHz)
                                    • Memory Clock = 150 MHz (1375MHz)


                                    Those numbers above are defaults - stored I believe in the card's BIOS.


                                    Using Crimson 15.12 WHQL & Radeon Settings app you can:


                                    > Set Global overdrive & quality settings which should affect everything


                                    > Set Individual overdrive and quality settings on an per app/game basis.


                                    The changeable overdrive settings for me are:

                                    • GPU Clock ( 25% ± )
                                    • Memory Clock ( 150 MHz -> 1750 MHz)
                                    • Power Limit ( 20% ± )
                                    • Fan Speed. ( 20% -> 100% )


                                    I don't think it's beneficial to force lower your clocks with the Global setting - the card should do that automatically.


                                    You've got your other settings like Aspect Ratio, GPU Scaling and VSR all under the Display tab.


                                    I think it's really quite slick - far better than the old Catalyst Control Center.


                                    There's some extra settings I'd like to see imported from RadeonPro - maybe we'll get them in the near future.


                                    The only strange thing is Youtube videos...

                                    GPU Clock increases to 330 MHz ±

                                    Memory Clock jumps up to max 1375 MHz


                                    Maybe that's a BIOS/stepping issue on my card ?



                                    It is memory clock stepping - see attached

                                    I'm guessing the choice is either LOW or HIGH ?

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                                        mwnn wrote:

                                        I don't think it's beneficial to force lower your clocks with the Global setting - the card should do that automatically.


                                        Underclocking is helpful in diagnosing a problem, such as failing hardware. I recently had to RMA my R9 290X (NO! Crimson didn't break it The problem, which is the same thing many others are having, started (again) in October, a full month prior to the Crimson release), where during my diagnostic troubleshooting I found that underclocking the VRAM frequency significantly mitigated the problem. This helped ASUS, as well, in determining if the unit required RMA or not.