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    UPDATE! Display Port issue fury x VIDEO INSIDE


      Alot of people have reported on the /r/AND subreddit that thay have also artifacts/problems with a fury or similair gpu in games.

      The issue im currently having is.


      d - vidme




      im having this issue with the display port connection only..

      Works on HDMI.( obviously no freesync )


      I NOTICED THE ISSUE VERY RANDOMLY ON HMDI ASWELL @csgo. drivers used 15.11

      This is the issue im talking about.

      Happens when fps is above 100 or more.

      Tested with FireStrike and did not occur, since i didnt have fps above 100.



      d - vidme

      Video upload (P1W8) - vidme




      The Black screen doesnt seem to occur anymore, atleast in cs;go.



      Hi all.


      Im experiencing some WEIRD issues and behavior with the display port connection to my fury x..

      In battlefield 4 i changed my resolution to 1920x1080P(144hz)Mantle, and look what happend right after that...

      is this a fualty GPU? Monitor?


      This has happend in several games when i alt tabbed, but this was not the case in the below screenshot.(works now when alt-tabbing)




      Tried with HDMI connection = WORKS WITH NO ISSUES....

      Tried another screen(tv screen HDMI) works without issues.



      So what i did when the screen popped up like that,plugged out the Display Port cable and reconnected it, and it worked again, but it was followed by an error...

      Which resulted in me searching the code up on google and found this. : Problems with AMD-Mantle - Page 2 - Answer HQ




      I played Counter Strike GO for about 30minutes and the above pictures did not occur in the game..


      Things i have done :


      Ran GPU stress test @Furmark. NO artifacts

      Ran Unigine Heaven with excellent fps/score. NO artifacts


      15.11 beta

      15.12 current driver.





      info :




      5820K stock atm

      Asus rampage v extreme

      H110i GTX TOP mounted

      Seasonic m12ii-850 evo

      16GB DDR4 GeiL Potenza

      Sapphire fury x

      760T case.

      G2460PF FREESYNC 144HZ

      Thanks in advance