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Windows 10, no GPU driver

Question asked by shafted on Dec 17, 2015

I have a mobility Radeon HD 4650 or 5650, depending on how you call it.  If I look it up it says it's a 5650.  It worked fine under windows 7.  I upgraded to Windows 10 and lost my graphics driver.


If I download the latest version of CCC, or let Windows download what it wants, I end up with a "Radeon HD 5000 Series" driver made at the end of November which doesn't work.


If I try to manually install it as a legacy 4650 as in this thread:  How to: Install Legacy Drivers on Windows 10 (With Catalyst Control Center) , using the exact same entries as the OP in fact since I have the same GPU, I'm rewarded with Windows telling me that the driver isn't signed for windows.  Then I tried disabling driver signing detection, and *then* trying to install the legacy driver manually, and it *still* tells me the driver isn't designed for win 10.


No matter what, I'm stuck with the Basic Display Adaptor.


Can someone explain to me in small words since I'm not a compsci major, how I can take my computer from its current condition to having a functional graphics driver.