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Cant Overclock 7850K Black Edition

Question asked by halozy on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by tomtalk24

I get a BSOD or instant shut offs after OCing with Overdrive, Cant OC with my Mobo cuz i cant adjust vcore.


Turned every single Energy saving sht off c6 etc.


Did 1,4v at 4ghz ; 3,9ghz at 1,33 V /1,35 V ; 4,2 ghz at 1,33/1,35/1,4/1,425.


Im getting fckn insane..


Crashes with XMP and without.Reseted BIOS as well..and yeah i even get a bsod saying watchdog timeout core when i hit OC genie in the BIOS.


I got 8gb ballistix 1866hz, win 10, msi ae45m mobo,stock cooler thats running @ 43 Celcius w/o load.


My vrms are cold and ofc i turned turbocore & cool n quite off.



How can like every person get that thing to 4,7 ghz at 1,45 V while i cant even get it to 3,8 ?



Pics of CPU-Z : Oc - Album on Imgur



Support told me to ask the forums. So lets go baby