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    Odd amd erorr. Help please!




      So The issue is, whenever i install the crimson driver ( beta driver ) i get the error below..
      I have never seen this error before...
      It happends when it promped to reboot after driver installation.
      So after the reboot basically.

      Things tried :

      Removed drivers with DDU in safemode.
      I keep getting the same error..
      Did not happen in W8.1.


      Thanks in advance.

      Spec if needed
      Rampage v extreme
      16GB GEIL
      Sapphire FURY X
      h110i gtx
      windows 10 64bit.





      DRIVER 15.7.1 FIXED this error, but what caused this error anyhow? i have never seen such error.

      And googling the error gives nothing.

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          The answer to your question is the following:

          The post-restart driver installation report was attempting to open a web browser to display the results of the installation. For some reason, it doesn't like Windows 10 (I've wondered about it as well, but had to install Windows 7 to a spare drive for competitive benchmarking)


          What it was trying to display:


          That message is very briefly displayed, before redirecting you to this page:



          As you can see, you weren't missing out on any critical errors, nor was the driver having a problem.

          I hope this helps clarify the situation.

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