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6470M Update 15.7.1 Freezes Laptop

Question asked by arszilla on Dec 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2016 by arszilla

Hi all.



I play Elite Dangerous and I am fairly new to the game. So Tuesday (15/12/2015) they released a huge update to the game. Before that update I was running the game fine but now after the 1.5 update this occurs: occurs (Stated in ED forums by someone else)


Some people in state that I should update my AMD Radeon HD 6470M's graphics card even though it is integrated with my Intel HD Family.


So I update it, it works fine and the game is fixed. Everything is good now no issues right? No. Now whenever I open my laptop after I turn it off or return from sleep or (rarely) leave Elite Dangerous or any other game the laptop freezes. At least for 30 seconds. This is way too common. I can restore my PC to a previous state with the formatted image I have with Acronis but I will have to update AMD back to 15.7.1 (The last update posted for this Legacy GPU on 7/29/2015)


I need a fix please. Please.


Thanks in advance.