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Getting Access violation errors while using c lang blocks in opencl.

Question asked by shinchan on Dec 17, 2015
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I was trying to execute following kernel in opencl2.0 using AMD R380 with win 7.

When I build the program using clBuildProgram, I get following error :


Access violation at address 0x674b0af9

        Exception Flag: 0x00000000

        Exception Addr: 0x674b0af9


Access violation at address 0x675812ff

        Exception Flag: 0x00000000

        Exception Addr: 0x675812ff


Kernel Program :


__kernel void clang_block_neg(__global int* input_array,__global int* output_array)


  int global_id = get_global_id(0);



  void (^MyBlock)(void) = ^void (void){printf("void block");};


  //BlockStructure var;



  output_array[global_id] = input_array[global_id];