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AMD CRIMSON 15.12 -makes me so disappointed!! Never seen such bad Drivers and such bad worK!

Question asked by puwey on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2016 by puwey

Waited for the Driver with Hope, that they would be exactly same or nearer in performance like for example CCC 15.7.1

After reading the Release notes,They made me cry.

After testing them..they made me angrier,cause in real words: They did nothing what Consumer really wanted and pleased.

Like how we know AMD in time, we now have to wait a month more to get disappointeter?? I would bet on it. This company showed me now,that AMD is really Dying in Intelligence.


SorrY AMD but what the hell is going on in with this company since Crimson?

If Driver are bad, why you bring more bad'er Driver?? I can't get it .