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Videowall 4x2 with Flipped (Inverted) monitors

Question asked by mick on Dec 17, 2015
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I am in need of a little assistance and hoping that I might learn from others trial and error.

I recently put a solution together for a large Network Operation Center that consists of 24ea. - 65" monitor video wall.

It is actually 3 separate 4x2 walls, each running on a separate server/computer which contain 2ea Firepro w4100 cards (utilizing 8 active miniDP to HDMI dongles)


To keep the budget low, I utilized consumer grade LED TVs (Visio E series) and mounted the top row inverted to maintain a constant bezel spacing.


My challenge, and I know that I am not the first to cross this bridge- yet I have not seen any posted solutions, is that I can not run eyefinity groups.

As shown above, Windows 7 is managing the screens, which poses some challenges as well, the least of which is the lack of bezel correction.

I am running dual ATSC Tuners in these machines and if I want a full screen (2x2) presentation, I have to stretch the video window across the 4 monitors.  This seems a little flaky, sometimes causing WinTV8 to flatline and having to be relaunched.  Ideally, each 2x2 would be set as an eyefinity group and selecting full screen within the program would display across the 2x2 automatically.  This becomes especially challenging if directing a less than savvy user to reboot or relaunch a program (neither of which causes the screens to return to their default positions)


I have been asked to reproduce this project in another location, but will need to by commercial monitors ($$$) or find a card that will support this setup (inverted top row).

Are there any AMD cards that will support what is required?


Many Thanks,