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MSI R9 390 keeps crashing, (not just in game but on desktop/everywhere)

Question asked by alberio12 on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by slick

Hi, I just built my pc using this gpu, MSI R9 390 gaming 8G. Everything was going okay until I uninstalled the audio driver because the sound wasn't working for any of my ports. I keep getting the error, AMD display driver has stopped responding and has recovered, every second. I have not played any games yet and all I've done with this pc is update my drivers and OS. The problem even persists at my login account page. 


When I get the lucky chance before my pc crashes to uninstall the graphics driver, the problem stops after a restart. I have tried reinstalling the drivers but that didn't work. I also tried reinstall a fresh copy of my windows 8 and 10 and the moment I install the drivers, the display driver starts "not responding".