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Displayport disconnect on wake and in games

Question asked by hambamo on Dec 16, 2015
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I got a Sapphire 390 Nitro buyed in June.


My 390 is connected to an Philips BDM4065 by displayport (1.2 ), UltraHD, 60HZ. Sometimes when waking the pc from standby, the card does seem to not be able to connect to the monitor, resulting in horizontal fragments in green / yellow in the upper 1/5 or lower 1/5 of the screen, followed by a disconnect(including windows's disconnect sound), and repeated attempts to connect to the monitor again.

Sometimes this is successful.

Sometimes there is a fallback from 60 to 30 or 24HZ.

Sometimes the fallbacks are not successful and the screen stays black.

To get the screen back, I have to switch the monitor off, then on, to restart this procedure.

Often I am stuck with 30hz with the 60hz option in windows being disabled, again having to off/on the monitor to get back to 60hz.


This mostly happens when waking the pc, or when playing games, sometimes during idle in windows.


Also, but I guess this is unrelated, if I wake my pc before turning on the monitor, there is a resolution fallback to hd or smaller(which switches back to 4k when the monitor is turned on, meaning I dont actually see the lower resolution) which means that all my windows are in the upper left corner when I log in, and I have to reposition them.


Question is - should I return the card, or wait for better drivers? Is this a known issue(I did not find anything during my search)? Crimson fixed a lot of black screen and driver crash problems, but this problem still exists.


Is there a way to test the cards memory for errors? Is there a way to do a bios update (did not find any)?


Here is what I have done so far:

Heat is not a problem, I've checked the temps under idle and full load.

Power is not a problem, as my power supply is actually oversized.

I've switched displayport cables ( 3 different ones), same problem.

I've deinstalled all previous drivers using their uninstallers, then uninstalling with ddu.

I've tried different catalyst drivers and the latest crimson driver, every time first uninstalling including with ddu.

I have no way to check with another 4k screen over displayport 1.2.

My system is at stock, no overclocking.


i5 2500k 4 cores, 3,3GHZ (stock)

Philips BDM4065, displayport (1.2 )

Gigabylte Z68AP-D3

32GB DDR3 ram

1000w be quiet

crimson 15.30.1025


Thanks for any help.