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Crimson Driver Doesn't Work With Overclocking Programs - Black screen

Question asked by glazzy on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2015 by glazzy

I am not the first to write a post about this, many other people are experiencing this issue with the new Crimson drivers.


Please fix it so AMD Overdrive doesn't interfere with other overclocking programs like MSI afterburner. I cannot apply my overclock with volt. without booting into a black screen on next restart. My overclock runs stable through all games. The problem lies within AMD overdrive that will restore those overclocks on boot except it will not increase the voltage and you will get a blackscreen, requiring you to uninstall your drivers.

AMD Driver team this needs to be fixed! I cannot uninstall my drivers everytime i boot my PC, it's a terrible process to go through. Make it so you can disable AMD Overdrive if you don't use it!


Currently running an R9 290. but i doubt it's the only graphics card this problem happens with.