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R9 295x2 - replacement fan suggestion/heat concern

Question asked by anarki on Dec 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by anarki

Hi all,


I am having a hard time on google this lunchtime trying to get an answer so I am hoping you can all help with regards to my R9 295x2 heat concerns.


I just changed from a HAF XM case to a NXZT 440 Razer Edition case and have noticed a 5 degree increase in temperature and an increase in fan noise after 2hrs gaming on Arma II Dayz mod.


amdmatt has kindly told me that the card should be ok to 75 degrees before throttling back.


Im currently running:

Intel i7 4790k

Asus Sabretooth Z97 S Mobo

16gb Dominator RAM

R9 295x2

H100i WaterCooling

NZXT 440 Razer Edition Case


SO my concerns are this...

Its winter, so my air temps should be cooler at this time of year and my old case was running the R9 295x2 at circa 57 degrees under load. In my new case it is now running circa 62 degrees. I'm concerned that come Summertime that 62 degrees is going to increase close to/or above the given 75 degree throttle temps.


After a 90 min duration the fans in the pc (not sure if its the main fan on the GPU or the three case fans or the 2 watercooling fans) the fans spin up and become a lot more aggressive and noisy.


What would you suggest I do... replace the fans on the GPU watercooling block - if so, which? Or something else?


The i7 is getting to 42/44 degrees during this time but my research suggests that this is quite normal and will max out at 75 degrees (similar to the GPU mex temperature).


Any help to address my concerns would be great.