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    R9 295x2 - replacement fan suggestion/heat concern


      Hi all,


      I am having a hard time on google this lunchtime trying to get an answer so I am hoping you can all help with regards to my R9 295x2 heat concerns.


      I just changed from a HAF XM case to a NXZT 440 Razer Edition case and have noticed a 5 degree increase in temperature and an increase in fan noise after 2hrs gaming on Arma II Dayz mod.


      amdmatt has kindly told me that the card should be ok to 75 degrees before throttling back.


      Im currently running:

      Intel i7 4790k

      Asus Sabretooth Z97 S Mobo

      16gb Dominator RAM

      R9 295x2

      H100i WaterCooling

      NZXT 440 Razer Edition Case


      SO my concerns are this...

      Its winter, so my air temps should be cooler at this time of year and my old case was running the R9 295x2 at circa 57 degrees under load. In my new case it is now running circa 62 degrees. I'm concerned that come Summertime that 62 degrees is going to increase close to/or above the given 75 degree throttle temps.


      After a 90 min duration the fans in the pc (not sure if its the main fan on the GPU or the three case fans or the 2 watercooling fans) the fans spin up and become a lot more aggressive and noisy.


      What would you suggest I do... replace the fans on the GPU watercooling block - if so, which? Or something else?


      The i7 is getting to 42/44 degrees during this time but my research suggests that this is quite normal and will max out at 75 degrees (similar to the GPU mex temperature).


      Any help to address my concerns would be great.



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          To confirm you have a H100i for the CPU say bolted to the top of the case and the GPU rad bolted to the back? Do you have any software or hardware to monitor temps ideally with remote sensors? I would recommend buying an Aquaero 5/6, you get 4 sensors with a max of 8. Place them around your case and you get an idea of whats happening to the case heat. You also get 4 fan controllers, so can power your pumps and fans, this can then allows the fans not to kick in too high too soon. For me with my custom CPU loop I found having the rad inside the case caused heat up and noise, its now external and much more quiet @ 30oc water.


          Do you have filters on your intake fans? What happens when you remove them, everything should cool down. If so another recommendation is to get a much higher CFM rating for your intake fans. Are the fans stock?

          If I have guessed right, your basically heating up the water with case heat and ambient. With water it take a little to cause a lot. Ideally as you cant really customize your loops and if you have the space have the 2x CPU rad at the top back, the GPU at the top front and a single high pressure fan at the back. The GPU will have the coolest, then the CPU and most of the case heat leaves via the back.

          This is my setup but with air cooled GPUs....


          Tops blocked off, and all heat sorted with the rear.

          The Aquaero will help, but I think it will be a loosing battle unless you can get rid of that case heat before it hits your rads. Bigger fans on the rads will cause more hot air to pass over them. Its the same theory with a pump, going twice as fast is like an F1 car doing a lap, you'll have 2 passes in the same time a smaller/slower fan can do 1.


          Looking at you case (nice btw) you should be able to pin all rads to the top. Is your PC near a window? I think you will be okay come summer.

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            Use some Noctua Industrial Fans with a Fan Controller. That's how i cooled my 295x2's, and i had two of them. (just make sure you get the 3 pin version)




            The fan controller built into the 295x2 is not very strong, so if you want to replace the fans without using a separate fan controller you'll need to use these, as they have a lower power requirement than the Noctua's.

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                This is pornography!


                And I agree, the Noctua fans look mean! Plus again would recommend the Aquaero5/6 as point out on my last post to control them, it nice having something that can power them and use system temps how you want using the software and temp probes to keep things quiet... this is the 6...

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                  Hi amdmatt,


                  Started playing Sniper Elite v2 last week and my GPU was at 71-2 degrees so i definitley need to do something for these temps.

                  Im happy to go with those industrial Noctua fans (3k rpm) but you mentioned using the Sp120s if my fan controller isnt strong enough. Again, happy to run one of those too but it looks as though the Noctua is better to keep my 295x2 Rad cool (I dont care about the noise overly).


                  Do I need a separate controller to run a Noctua fan which you linked to? I am using the Asus Sabretooth Mark S board for my 4790k i7 chip so can I run the fan off that?


                  I checked tomtalks Aquaero fan controller but dont think it will fit in my Razer H440 case (no front bays - the Aquaero looks as thouguh you need to mount the controller in front bays).


                  Any help would be much appreciated as I dont fancy ruining my card.

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                  Yes, using the H100i on top of the case with the fans on top and the rad underneath. The GPU block and fan on the rear of the case. There are 3 more fans attached on the front of the case with the fans bays so there should be plenty of air coming through the case but as my Razer case is smaller than my old HAF XM case the temperatures for my I7 4790k are hitting around 44 degrees and the GPU is hitting 62 - I think this is due to the sound proofing in the case and also due to the smaller size of it.


                  The pc is by a window (blackout blind covering it for darkness) but I will have that open in summer (but if its a warm day then the pc will just be drawing in warm air and again, Ill be concerned that the card will start to overheat. Im guessing my room temperature after 90 mins of playing will be similar to that of a summers day so perhaps I am worrying too much just now.


                  One of the fans is definitely ramping up after 90 mins and starts to sound like an airplane taking off - currently using the Corsiar LINK software to monitor the hardware temps and fan speeds... so I just have to work out the usual fan speeds from start up to what they are showing after 90 mins of gaming.


                  Thanks for the tips all, I will look into using a Noctua on the R9 295x2 block and see how it performs - shame its such an ugly fan as I would have liked to use a SP120 for the red ring but performance here is more important than aesthetics.


                  amdmatt - One question... what do you mean by below?


                  'The fan controller built into the 295x2 is not very strong, so if you want to replace the fans without using a separate fan controller you'll need to use these, as they have a lower power requirement than the Noctua's.'


                  Fan controller?

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                      It depends on the way your temps etc work. If you have a set water CPU temp of 30oc in, then it will be harder to cool it under load in a slightly warmer room. Maybe ajar the window slightly. The card will be fine, even under load. Unless you live in Africa with no AC.


                      You need to check but a fan going full after say being on a low speed for some time would possibly mean the vrms that control the fans voltage are overheating. They bring the voltage down to 4v for a slow fan, but at the cost of the VRM going to say 80oc.

                      This is why, especially when you have a lot or just big fans you need one. That current passing through a motherboard isn't great. This is my speculation of why the fan is going full after some time. But could just be the setup.  If your going to invest in fans, get a decent controller. The Aquaero I mentioned is fantastic and made in Germany, but could be overkill if you just want curved fan control.

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                          Yes, even though I have a fully watercooled setup, I am still getting used to the more modern technologies. Im using the LINK software with the Corsair H100i so I guess that is also the fan controller you are talking about. With regards to the GPU fan controller, this will be performed by Crimson/Catalyst I assume.


                          Im from the UK so I dont expect to see summer temperatures top 32 degrees but the humidity could cause an issue, so am happy to buy new fans and fan controller if this will make the difference.. just need to know which fans to replace. Ill do some checking this weekend and see whihc fans are increasing and post back here once I  have that information.



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                            I have now found that the mobo temperature sensor is what is causing the excess noise. As soon as the motherboard (Asus Sabretooth Z97 Mark S) reaches around 43 degrees, one of the front three fans speeds up to around 2600rpm.


                            So its not the CPU or GPU that is causing the issue, its indeed the motherboard temperature itself... any ideas on what temperatures are safe for the motherboard?

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                                If that problem fan is connected to the mobo being a Asus you should be able to set it up in the BIOS to curve up as the temps get higher. Are all the 3 fans on one power rail?


                                Mobo would be around 70/80oc for both Northbridge and VRMs (normally under the same sink). As you have a water block on your CPU a small fan for the VRMs sink may be needed.

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                                    So I have now found some small mobo fans in the box so I will work out where these go and attach them... I'm guessing the TUF armour isnt helping all too well. 44 degrees isnt too much of a concern then if the board allows 70+ degrees, its just the noise of the fan that makes me feel uncomfortable.


                                    Ill try and this little mobo fan and see if that works.

                                    I believe all three fans are on the same rail yes, I will check the BIOS and set them as you say. Thanks for the suggestions.