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3D Gaming Card.

Question asked by hammersaints on Dec 16, 2015
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I'm getting a LG 42LF652V Passive 3D TV soon and need to upgrade my graphics card before I get it.


The TV will be connected via HDMI 1.4 to my PC and used as my main monitor for 3d BLU-Rays mainly but some 3D gaming - especially World of Warcraft.


The choice is between the GTX 960 & R9 380.


Both seem to have their pro's and con's but from my understanding the R9 380 4GB is the better card for the money but HD3D is inferior to Nvidia's 3DTV Play.


I have been told that 3DTV Play has issues with some TV's for no good reason whereas AMD HD3D works with all TV's with no issue.


I'm fully aware where I am and will probably get some biased answers but can anyone offer some advice as I'm getting really confused with it all, TriDef DDD vs 3DTV Play, 960 vs 380, no matter who I ask I get either a conflicting answer or no direct answer at all.


Thank you.