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Radeon 6670 is slow and won't even lanch a map in gmod help

Question asked by bluespark on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2015 by bluespark

i have open SUSE 12.1 or something the only game that is playable (sota) is minecraft a 5 fps. i before had a vista era nivda graphics card, just switched and got a drop for dolphin emu from 60- 61 fps on title screen(because I had it on limit  to 60 fps) 5-2 fps on title screen, don't get me started on something else because it cant even lanch a gmod map with out lagging my computer for 5 minutes and then crashing.

also my nivda card was at least 50x better than it is right now.

I am on a 32 bit os suse 12.1 or something close to that