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    Install drivers without Graphic card connected


      Hello, I had a problem where after some updates my second GPU had status "disabled".
      Both cards showed up in the device manager, but when I looked at the system tab in Crimson one card had status disabled.




      This caused me to do something without really thinking, I uninstalled the driver and cleared all trace of AMD/ATI in the system by removing all files in programs folders and everything, the hiddes ones too.
      I then cleared the register as I have been doing before.
      But this time I got another result,. when I start the pc with screens connected to the Graphic card then I get this weird image, like something is really messed up with the graphics, I really cant navigate through all that so I have to connect 1 monitor to the motherboard GPU so I tried to install the drivers now that I get a screen, but all it does is installing the Installmanager, I cant install the drivers, I assume it is because it does not recognize any cards since I have to plug them out in order to get a working screen using the MOBO graphic card.


      Is there any way to force an driver to install even though I dont have the cards connected? I hope that doing this will enable me to boot the PC with the screens connected to my regular GPUs and that the drivers will fix this, I assume this is because I deleted something I shouldnt in the registry.




      CPU: Intel i5 4670K ,3.40Ghz

      Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 412s

      GPU: R9 290 CrossfireX

      PSU: NZXT HALE90 1000W

      RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16 GB

      MOBO: ASUS Z87-C

      Harddrives: 256 GB A-Data SSD , 1 TB Toshiba HDD ,1 TB + 2 TB Elements WD External HDD

      Monitors: 3x Acer G246HLBbid


        • Re: Install drivers without Graphic card connected

               Sorry that you're in such a mess.


               The only thing I could think of is trying a previous restore point, before you messed up the registry, and then when it reboots quickly switch the monitor cable from the mb to the graphics card. I don't think you'll be able to install radeon drivers without a radeon card hooked up, so I'd try that first.


               If that doesn't work, you might have to do a fresh reinstall of windows. I would back up anything important first.


          Good luck.

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