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monitor goes into sleep mode after amd driver install

Question asked by koekjeszijnjammie on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by koekjeszijnjammie

i got an amd 390 and whenever I start up with standard windows drivers (windows 10) everything starts up fine, but when I install amd drivers and I start my pc up. I see the windows 10 logo and then my monitor goes on sleep mode and says it does not get any signals from pc. anyone got any suggestions? reinstalled drivers already now on integrated graphics is this a known bug?


Gpu: sapphire 390 8b

cpu: amd fx 4100 (waiting for repair of new one)

motherboard: asrock n68-vs3 (same deal)

PSU: seasonic s12g 650W

Monitor: dell 2007WFP 1680 x 1050


Things i tried:

Reinstall drivers

Reinstall windows

Checked that pci was startup in bios

reseated card

start in safe mode works

start with standard drivers works

start with onboard graphics works


Thank you!