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Sapphire R9 380 2GB Dual X temps unstably constantly changing

Question asked by playlistman on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by playlistman

My Saphire R9 380 2GB DDR5 card has been bought new from Overclcokers UK,and has been stating to raise in dle temp and watching internet videos.


1st week 30

2nd week 31

3nd week 32

4nd week 33

5nd week 35

Browsing temps are 45 c

When gaming it hits 68 and 85 Celsius, but my idle temps are what worry's me as various people have sated 30 Celsius constant with this card.

CPU: Phenom x3

8 GB Corsair vengence

CiT 2206 Black ATX Midi PC Gaming Case Gloss Black / Red No PSU

pLZ respond!