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amd drivers lock up windows 10

Question asked by bundy714 on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by rabid

Ok....I'm super frustrated with AMD.  I was having no problems with my AMD 7950 running Windows 7.  Then I got a new SSD and two new hard drives, and did a clean installation of Windows 10 (not an upgrade).  Everything is fine with the Intel graphics from my i5 3570k.  But....when I try and load AMD drivers for my Radeon fails, locking up my computer to the point where I have to do a hard reboot.  I've tried older drivers, the latest Crimson drivers, the latest beta drivers, Windows 10 drivers, Win 8.1 drivers, any AMD driver I could find..... and the ONLY AMD product I can successfully run is the AMD clean up utility, and it will only successfully run in safe mode.  Otherwise it locks up the computer too.   I also tried using all the drivers I could and installing them in safe mode.....still can't get a driver to finish installing before they lock up the PC.


A google search reveals people with all kinds of AMD cards having issues, but most seem to actually get their drivers installed and it locks up later.  I can never get an AMD driver installed, not even the one from Windows Update....none of them.  Do I have to buy an Nvidia card to run Windows 10?


This is beyond ridiculous.  Windows 10 has been out for a while now.  Are you guys going out of business?  Do you even care or try anymore?  Or have you just decided to cede the market to Nvidia.  If so, you should buy back this card that I spent $300 on.  Heck, I even have two of them, my son gave up on you guys and got an Nvidia and gave me his 7950.  I was thinking about trying to run crossfire, but glad I never tried it now.  You obviously don't support your products anymore.  And yeah.....I'm frustrated, and mad.  So excuse my tone.