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Should I install the CCC along with the new Crimson driver?

Question asked by bugsdad on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by bugsdad

Ok. I updated my CCC setup that worked ok to the new Crimson driver and user interface. Very few options and my crossfire is no longer available. Should I reinstall CCC so I can crossfire my cards again? I asked about losing the ability to enable crossfire once I installed Crimson and no one answered it. Kinda surprised as after doing some research others are seeing the same thing. I had crossfire enabled and working under CCC. I did the clean uninstall of AMD drivers using the utility that is available from AMD. Installed the full Crimson setup 299mb and now, no crossfire. Not even an option for it. Both cards are installed, the fans are spinning. The Crimson software says "linked" but when I run the "Overdrive" software from AMD, it can only find ONE card. The primary. Something is not right obviously. One contributor said "when two crossfire capable cards are installed, Crimson will find it automatically" in another post. I can attest, it did not. I am running windows 7 Professional service pak 1, 64 bit. Should uninstall Crimson, reinstall CCC and then do the minimal install of the Crimson driver?