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    Should I install the CCC along with the new Crimson driver?


      Ok. I updated my CCC setup that worked ok to the new Crimson driver and user interface. Very few options and my crossfire is no longer available. Should I reinstall CCC so I can crossfire my cards again? I asked about losing the ability to enable crossfire once I installed Crimson and no one answered it. Kinda surprised as after doing some research others are seeing the same thing. I had crossfire enabled and working under CCC. I did the clean uninstall of AMD drivers using the utility that is available from AMD. Installed the full Crimson setup 299mb and now, no crossfire. Not even an option for it. Both cards are installed, the fans are spinning. The Crimson software says "linked" but when I run the "Overdrive" software from AMD, it can only find ONE card. The primary. Something is not right obviously. One contributor said "when two crossfire capable cards are installed, Crimson will find it automatically" in another post. I can attest, it did not. I am running windows 7 Professional service pak 1, 64 bit. Should uninstall Crimson, reinstall CCC and then do the minimal install of the Crimson driver?

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          What graphics cards are you using?


          If you are experiencing problems enabling CrossFire i would recommend rolling back to regain functionality.

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            I don't have xFire, but for my R9 380 4GB card running the 15.11.1b Crimsons inside the 15.11.1b Catalyst shell works fine.  (Before AMD introduced the Crimson drivers, the Catalyst driver 15.11.1b was the latest beta driver--I have no idea why they used the same version # for the Crimsons.  If you don't have the 15.11.1b Catalysts in your AMD directory then I suppose the 15.7.1 CCC would work just as well.)  You get all the Crimson options except for the shader cache--but to tell the truth I can't see any improvement in performance with it enabled--and AMD has said that is to be expected except possibly in a very few games where it might make a difference. Works great for me...

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              Here is what ended up working for me.  Here are my specs

              Win 7 Pro 64 Bit

              Crossfire two MSI R7260X 2 gig cards

              20 Gig RAM

              AMD A10-7850K (woulda done an AM3+ setup but Microcenter steered me wrong)


              Had to go to Gigabyte's website and update chipset drivers.

              Don't try to use their BIOS update. It "says" it is for 64 bit but it is not. None of their BIOS updates are working. NONE of them for this card.

              Their chipset driver came out 2 weeks ago and worked great.

              Also updated the Microsoft 4.5 framework.

              Once I did that, I reinstalled an OLD CCC Omega software suite after doing a DDU with safe mode option.

              Disable Antivirus

              Now do a MINIMUM Crimson install. Let it run. I unchecked everything I could EXCEPT video card driver.

              Did the restart. WORKED!

              Then the next time I ran the Minimum Crimson install(with antivirus disabled)I uncheck the video card driver and Raptor.

              Everything installed fine with restart.

              Thanks to amdmatt. I looked up some of your other posts and they were very very helpful!

              Before I did all of this I was getting the 2% and 11% frame hang with interrupt request jamming each other up with the FULL Crimson software install. Found them in the task manager. Same thing highlighted in red every time it locked.


              For whatever reason, AMD and Gigabyte have this thing for mislabeling links to things that SAY 64 bit but they are only 32 bit and won't install. Very frustrating and time wasting.