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Radeon HD 5000 PCI driver fails to install

Question asked by exnavypo2 on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by black_zion

I have an HD5000 series PCI card installed but cannot update the standard windows VGA driver to the correct driver. Its a 64 bit Windows 7 environment. I am really puzzled as to why this is happening on a new clean install of Win 7 Pro. Has anyone else had this problem with PCI cards??? This is not a PCI-E card, its a plain PCI card. I have tried both ways of installing the driver, first using the Catalyst install manager, then tried to update manually the old-fashioned way of browsing to the "C" directory and pointing it to the correct folder... this is really got me frustrated... Thanks for any advice anyone can give me on this. Haven't tried to call HIS (the maker), nor AMD support.